Sun, 01.03.2020

Ballnews: March 2020

Memories last forever. So do as well the memories about the last Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball 2020, which have been eternalized in a video film.
Wed, 05.02.2020

Ballnews: February 2020

The Vienna Medical Chamber would like to thank all the participants for a wonderful ball evening. As guests you made the Medical Doctors’ Ball an unforgettable night.
Mon, 20.01.2020

Ballnews: January 2020 - 02

Not much time is left and the doors of the Vienna Hofburg will be soon opened for the 70th Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball with the motto “Musical's Magic”.
Thu, 09.01.2020

Ballnews: January 2020 - 01

The organizers of the Vienna Medical Doctors’ Ball wish you a Happy New Year!