How do I get the tickets that I have bought?

Tickets can be picked up in the ball office Weihburggasse 10-12, 1010 Vienna from 14th January 2020. Alternatively tickets can be picked up from the evening box office or you can have the tickets sent by postal mail if you book on our online reservation system. There is a charge of 15 Euros for shipping and handling. We accept no responsibility for tickets lost by mail.

Why are there ladies and gentlemen tickets?

Tradtional balls pass out small presents to all the ladies. That is why the ladies ticket have an additional small perforation on the side. This is the coupon for the ladies' gift that can be picked up in the side gallery (while stocks last). Student tickets do not have an additional preforation, that means Students do not get a ladies' gift with this ticket.

Are food and drinks included in the ticket price?

Food and drinks must be paid separately i.e. they are not included. There are however numerous buffets and bars where delicious snacks can be bought. Otherwise you can, of course, visit one of the many restaurants in Vienna before the ball.

In which rooms can I reserve seats?

On the online booking system you can see exactly which tables and seats are still available. In the ballroom 8-seat tables (dance floor boxes) and 10-seat tables (balcony and stage boxes) can be booked. The Ceremony hall and the side galleries have 10-seat tables, the small Redouten room round 8-seat tables and all other rooms have 4-seat tables. You can find plans and photos on our website. If you click on the name of the room a new window opens with the exact table configuration. You can of course book 2 seats at a 4-seat table. The prices vary between 37 and 395 Euros per seat - according to the room. Please remember that a seat reservation does not include admission. Admission tickets have to be bought separately.

Will I be able to see the opening ceremony if I have not reserved a seat in the ballroom?

For standing room in the ballroom during the opening ceremony we recommend that you get there approx. 45 minutes before it is due to begin as the ballroom is always very full. In addition there are three monitors that televise the opening. Two are located in front of the ballroom and one at the entrance to the Hofburg.

Which rooms have music?

There is music in the ballroom, the Ceremony hall, the small Redouten room, Knights' room, Metternich room, Maria Theresa Apartment II, Radetzky Apartent II and in the Forum (lounge).

Is there a specific dress code for the ball?

Please note that there is a strict dress code for this traditional ball. Floor length evening dress, tails with awards, black dinner jacket or dress uniform. If you do not comply with this dress code you will not be admitted. In this case the ticket price will not be refunded.

Can I take private photos?

Of course you can take private pictures of the ball. There will also be professional photographers' present. A selection of the photos can be seen at the ball and a few days later on our website.

Are all of the entrances barrier-free?

Yes. All of the main event rooms can be reached with the lift.

Is smoking allowed at the ball?

There is no-smoking according to the valid tobacco law. There is strictly no-smoking on the premises of the Hofburg. There is a smoking area outside with heating. We ask all ball guests to comply with the no-smoking policy and to follow the instructions of the security staff. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

Where is the entrance to the ball?

The entrance to the Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball is the entrance to the Hofburg which is on the Heldenplatz.