Thu, 05.01.2023


"Meet the Medics" - Let's celebrate life and medicine!
2023 brings a lot of new things, also for the Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball: Three years have passed since the last ball, a lot has changed and you will also discover many changes at the Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball.
From now on, the Vienna Medical Doctors' Ball will be themed "Meet the Medics" and will become the "Night of Medicine". In short, we are saying: Let's meet each other and encounter doctors and the achievements of medical history.
The design and decorative elements will take the ball visitors on surprising encounters with the history of medicine and shed light on the interesting or even previously unknown. 2023 will open with Robert Barany. We will dedicate the design and decoration elements on the Feststiege, the Festsaal and the Metternichsaal to him. Barany was the first Austrian winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and the first to describe the inner ear. His research and work created the basis for labyrinth surgery.
Let us surprise you, as we also take up the thread of medicine in other hall.

The opening also makes reference to medicine with the waltz "Die ersten Curen". Johann Strauss II dedicated this work to the Viennese medical students - female students did not exist for a long time at that time. 160 years ago, on 28th January 1862, the first performance took place at the Medical Ball in the Sophienbad Hall!
For the ball tickets - also for reasons of sustainability - there will be a changeover to print@home. From this year on, there will neither be a ball office nor a box office anymore, as everything can be handled electronically.
Ball tickets and table seats can only be booked via our ticket shop. At the entrance, ball tickets can either be printed out or presented on a mobile phone.
Let's celebrate life and medicine! The Vienna Medical Association and the Ball Committee look forward to seeing you there!